Wednesday, February 22, 2006


OK, I need to either decide to keep this up or drop it. For now, let's continue posting. I've nothing new to report on the cabdriving front. I'm just waiting for March to get a NY license. I was playing ultimate last night and was asked about my future plans. No one quite thought my cabdriving was serious. Wait till they hear about the bagpiping. Seriously. I've always loved the sounds of the pipes and remember when my family happened to go to the Edinburgh tattoo with all the pipes and drums bands. It was fantastic. What I really fantasize about re: bagpipes is busking. I heard a piper in the Paris Metro in one of those stations with a huge tunnel to transfer between lines, and it was terribly moving. I have visions of myself in the 14th St. tunnel doing the same -- not in tartan rags, but in normal street clothes. Just imagine for a moment the strains of a highland tune growing louder and louder as you moved from, say the F to the 1. Wouldn't you toss a dime into that guy's hat?

Also, just keep in mind that many of these shows like American Idol and now American Inventor (or whatever it's called) were developed in England. So all this malarky about the ultimate American dream being inventing looks a bit silly. Incidentally, on the English version of that show, I saw a guy who had come up with the best invention I've ever seen. A toaster that detects how done your toast is based on particulates in the air rather than time in the toaster (so the second or third round of toast is a perfect as the first). It also had personalized buttons so everyone in the family could have their own doness setting. Fucking amazing.


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we had a guy when I was an undergrad who would play bagpipes during the ngiht. it was kindof annoying, but that may be because we were undergrads at yale and it felt much more like he was being self-consciously talented and weird than doing it just because he wanted to. that being said, I think your playing would give character to an neighborhood. jsut be sure to duck the thrown shoes

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