Tuesday, February 07, 2006

First Step

So my first task on the road to a hack license is procuring a Social Security card. I was a bit surprised to discover that I will be required to provide an original card. As a native born American, I of course have no idea where my card is. I learned after talking to my Mom that she doesn't either. The end result will be a trip to the local Social Security office to hand in my forms.

Now, here's the key issue. I have a numeral at the end of my name. More than a numeral. A IV. My Dad's name, also on the form with his SSN, is identical to mine save for the III. This form doesn't leave a space for a numeral, and I'm now terrified that I might have to lose part of my name to gain a Social Security card.

I've also noticed that it's difficult to really care about finding a real job when all I want to do is get behind the wheel of a taxi. I was scoping out Craig's List and found one interesting job, but it's really difficult to sift down to the good stuff when your potential range is EVERYTHING. Still, it's good to see all the jobs out there.


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