Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Long Lost ...

So the trip to the Social Security administration was a total success, though in the process I discovered that my new coat will set off metal alarms because of its damn clinky metal buttons. The potential conflict about my numeral was judiciously resolved by the woman who attended me. I explained the problem and she took her pen and put a vertical line next to my last name -- I thought to separate my numeral from my name. But no, she completed that hard stroke with a V and just tacked the damn thing on there.

In the last few days, few weeks even, my old friend Britt has been trying to get in touch with me. We've been playing phone-tag, but my Britt fix was satisfied when my fellow Eli Nick told me about Britt's blog. I really like secretly reading friends' blogs. I feel like I'm spying on their lives and I am genuinely interested in their inane details. I especially like discovering new ones and getting the chance to pore over several months of their lives that I had not been privy to. This carries a heavy aftershot of depression because of course I've lost touch with so many of my old and dear friends. Reading what they're up to now just reinforces how little I know about their current lives and how much I miss a lot of them.

I also need to decide whether to tightly focus this on the taxi or just verbally cum all over the page. Let's try to restrain ourselves for now, shall we?


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